Sandi Metz's Practical Object Oriented Design

Transform your code! Join the author of Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby for this acclaimed course.

Using hands-on exercises, we'll demystify time-tested OO techniques. You'll write code, learn to recognize and solve common OO problems...and return home to save money each time you put your hands on the keyboard.

  • Faster

    Write simple code; get features out the door quicker.

  • Better

    Untangle the mess; make it easier to add new features.

  • Cheaper

    Stop wasting time & money dragging around your big balls of mud.

  • What is OOD?

    Absorb the fundamentals of Object-Oriented Design.

    Practice, Practice, Practice

    Much more than just swallowing a textbook on design patterns.

  • Refactor with confidence

    Expand your toolkit with new skills to improve your code.


    You'll be pairing for days with a dozen other design-obsessed people.

By the end of Practical Object Oriented Design you will have learned how to:

  • Apply the SOLID principles to your own code
  • Decide what belongs in a single class
  • Add new features without changing existing code
  • Design objects that plug together like Lego
  • Avoid entangling objects that should be kept separate
  • Balance Inheritance vs Composition
  • Refactor safely to achieve the design you want
  • Concentrate your engineering effort for maximum effect
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