In-house courses

GetBDD Kickstart taught at your company

An in-house course gives you many advantages over a public course:

  • We'll adapt the material to fit your context.
  • Real examples from your backlog for the training exercises.
  • We'll choose the languages and tools that match your development environment.
  • You control the date and venue.
  • When a whole team goes on a training course together, they come back enthused and motivated to try out what they've learned.

In our experience, that's the best way to make new ideas stick.

“Seb's training went down very well with the team. The most useful aspect of it was that he used real stories from our work, so the team could spend the time constructively, rather than just working on something theoretical. They liked his training style, found him very knowledgable/credible and found the whole thing beneficial. It was a good balance of business and dev focus, as well, as he catered to both audiences and levels of technical ability.”Amanda Dahl, Senior Technical Project Manager,
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For the same quality of experience as the public workshops, most teams choose the full three-day workshop with two trainers. We also offer other packages to suit all sorts of budgets:

BDD Kickstart

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BDD Kickstart

  • 2 day course
  • Up to 15 people recommended
  • Membership of private
    alumni mailing list
  • 1 trainer
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* our recommended option to give the most value to your team.